Stream Of Nonsenseness

by Average Rap Band

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far ah way
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far ah way some see the parallels Favorite track: Long Snooze.
Ed Brosch
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Ed Brosch My god, Tom Scott if you ever see this, you are the most talented lyricist I have ever heard. Never stop, keep stealing from the supermarket if you have to. Also what's with all the great @peace tracks I can play on Youtube but cant find anywhere else?
Really want to download Home, Cake, Be Like and Sky is Falling. Help me out here bro! Favorite track: Good Dudes.
yort thumbnail
yort Loving the sound of the majority of this release, Long Snooze has to just be a cut above the rest though - amazing track. Brings back that old Homebrew sound with the smooth jazz vibes mixed in. Favorite track: Long Snooze.
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From the derelict coffee shop waste land of Smith Street, Melbourne come two dyslexic track pant enthusiasts with nothing else going for them but a talent to make pointless words rhyme in succession and a knack for petty theft. 

After their former critically acclaimed, award losing group @peace imploded upon itself due to a collective mental break down caused by a lack of government funding in the psychiatric sector, leading to a series of severe psychotic episodes, Lui and Tom were left alone with nothing but a dream and $12.70 in their Paypal account. 

In a feeble attempt to regain their sanity they created The Average Rap Band. With utter naivety and a total lack of understanding of the current popular musical climate they decided the main focus of the group would be the lyrics. An obsolete medium that was made redundant in the late 1990s. 

Working with bearded enigma Dandruff Dicky and poltergeist expert Hone St John they created a 6 track EP entitled 'Stream Of Nonsenseness'. which was made with a $42 budget.


released July 31, 2015

Rapped by: Tom Scott & Lui Tuiasau
Produced by: Dandruff Dicky
Vocals mixed by Ben Lawson At Red Bull Studios



all rights reserved


Average Rap Band Melbourne, Australia

From the derelict coffee shop waste land of Smith Street, Melbourne come two dyslexic track pant enthusiasts with nothing else going for them but a talent to make pointless words rhyme in succession and a knack for petty theft.

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Track Name: Mother Mary


hash tag / haz eats / track pants / crap sneaks
rap geek / tag team / from that band at peace
bag of bad afghan and black hashish
banging fat back band and gap band 3

fuck a plan put it up on band camp free
don’t spam no man my fans are the family
give a damn how nice you are if it’s a wack beat
these dudes softer than their grand dad’s ass cheeks

peace to my brother harry, lucky lance, chucky berry
compared to us they just hilarious they nothing near me
you can’t be fucking serious. i mean, you buzzing, really?
come on, give it up already for the love of mother mary

jesus enough with that hippie act
you ain’t living that life. give the bindi back
your shit is wack like a sticker on a fitted cap
sounding something like nickleback. if they rapped

your shit is wack. and that’s cold, but it’s a fact
fuck it who gives a crap. your chick is fat
kiss her kitty cat matter of fact lick her crack
stick a finger in her stinky gap. your shit is that. puss.

you the fuck’s still listening to trap?
you still got that little titititi shitty hat?
you couldn’t tickle my sack with those drums
personally i like it better when they don’t thump

peace to our young, gifted and broke bums
raised by our drunk dads and our stoned mums
used to roll the spots up on the stove once
and i still do, unless we got enough to roll blunts

and i’m still brew even though it’s been a whole month
since i had a bump i’m still down, i’m no monk
it’s just, i don’t wanna be the only old drunk cunt
sitting at the bar alone with no no one

nah, that’s no fun, i’m bout to have a son
raise him up in avondale where i got the flow from
that’s a home run, even if the doe don’t come
i sold the show out and i never sold my soul once


so what you trying to do man that shit ain't nothing new 
sick of all of you hipster dudes spitting and your shitty crews
shit is pitiful made me have to pack my shit and move
playing bitches brew on the plane while they listen to the new

who ever the fuck and now you're making that shit
bruv you made an EP and claimed it to be classic
but that shit was average and its just the facts
you should be happy not to have had your head smashed in

or your bags grabbed when you flashing your re-up
you need to ease up that arrogance will get you beat up
surprised it hasn't happened but stranger thing have and
I know what goes around comes around like the planets

so Im not worried let the universe do it's work
I’m just here to do mine and then return to the dirt
the nothingness that I was born of before long
I'll be reunited with then all this is all gone

and good riddance I need distance as it is
give a shit if you listen still be spitting sipping gin
still persistent with the pen indifferent to what is said
by some critics who never did shit but sit up at the desk 

with a shoebox full of broken dreams in the bottom draw
dudes who never did jack but now they want to talk 
But I ain't mad just let entropy run it's course 
but don’t get it twisted fuck em all.
Track Name: Good Dudes


sunny day and it ain’t even summer hey
i guess i really can’t complain, i just get up and start again
and thank the god i don’t believe in for the vegetables i’m stealing
from the supermarket what a bargain i can’t fight the feeling

wanna WOO like i’m rick flair sit here and sip beer
even though I’ve had a shit year i’m yelling shit yeaaah
I’m happy to be depressed go ahead of repossess
everything i have cause i’ve had even less. and we the best

losers that you never seen i fail like like a champion.
the king of being broke. fuck your jays. man i’m happy in my
tracks with the slippers. i don’t want no six figures
i just want to split slithers. and die like Sid Vicious

maybe this is just a game. and if it is i’m gonna play
don’t want the fame. don’t want no money i’m like shit i’m on a plane
i’m going somewhere. even if it ain’t no where.
even tho i got no hair. i know there’s no need for no tear

i don’t care about your lo gear. don’t care about your old pair.
don’t care if your homo. queer. or bi. cause i got no fear. we’re both weird.
and oh yeah. i gotta send a shout out to the homies
that’s lucky lance and tony. michael corleone, joely.

hold me down when i’m down hold me up when i’m on uppers
at the ruggas making ruckus. when i call you fuckers bruv it’s cause
i mean it. don’t wanna be no rat up in a race
proud to be that YGB like it was tatted on my face. say what?



It's a sunny day indeed blaze the weed play a beat 
super stoney-oney so I don't care what you saying to me
haters Down we don't play around
if you claim to be the baddest then someone will come and lay you down 

don't know how to manage being manic let me loose don't panic
how bad could it get I got a bag full of shit
I shouldn't have none of this but guess I'm at it again
about to brown bag some Bombay and bang RES until I’m on one

paranoid and so I had my phone cut
only fuck with the bolsis who know me the rest I don't trust
trying to get where I'm going my homies just told me don't rush
low even when I'm high case I got no more serotonin 

floating around my brain rain pouring hard as ever
even if it could be great i wouldn't change it what so ever
I'm mean what would that say c'mon keep it togeather
better be happy to be here lot of people gone forever

better get up while you can Pab said don't be a bitch
that's my mans got you back if you sober or you twisted
and that goes for everybody who down with the click
YGBOPMGHD them bad kids

playing up again, up against the wall untill it's over 
got no love for any of you overrated stoners
should roll up on your CD and then use it as a coster
and leg drop the table off the ropes like Hulk hogan

in 87 holla at the homies for a lazy session
hit the tepid baths for spa then go make a record
just another day in hell I ain't gonna play it down
you know what it is YGB don't play around say what
Track Name: Bending Spoons


sitting on the tram dirt broke like a motherfucker
paranoid that the lady next to me's undercover
done a runner just the other week from the tram cops.
i ain’t running anymore more bruv i got knees like my grand pops

back in the day i had a little hops
then i got old and my shot got cold when that whiskey got
cool, that was round the time i cooled off too
i went from ‘you know who’ into a ‘who are you?’

well i’m a lazy ass / motivated as fuck
creative, that couldn’t give a nut what he’s labelled as
take me as just a disobedient maniac
the media paint me as on TV to make the adds

sell if you like or you could take a tab
and then realise you’re just a naked animal
like i am too just another ape in drag
80s smack baby that crazy cat lady had.

homosapien. that lady that
made ‘Bag Lady’ fan. playing gap band
loud like you play The Clash, till i make the neighbours mad
making tracks till the day I lay in ash. save all that

making wack shit for Baby Bash.
i don’t need to chase the cash in no rat race. fuck the latest fad
don’t rock roshes, never rated breaking bad
i just want a good paper back when i take a crap.

i’m okay with that. shux. i get paid to rap
and i never made it but at least i'm not making adds
so i ride that damn tram like a trans am
feeling like a billionaire on band camp. bam bam

bigelow. i spit that goku shit. their piccolo.
pick a flow to kick and go with it with no video.
and if it don't do it for you i give a fuck this isn't no
audition so if you don't wanna listen then don't listen bro.

but any whoooo… twenty two brews down
and now i'm ready to get into a new style
i'm in a henny mood but remmy's cool, whatever dude
get me any booze. anybody got any loot? 10 to 2.

Is it ever too late to get a new attitude on life?
or am i already screwed?
spent a few too many afternoons in my room
stressing bout impending doom bending spoons

time to end the bull and do something commendable
spent too much time pretending to, John Lennon knew
i'm going to bed, wake me up when the rent is due
matter fact, wake me up at the end of june. then i’ll do

the dishes. bitches.
taking pictures of themselves blowing kisses. fuck is this?



when I got nowhere to go I just pick a flow and roll with it 
stoned and just got off the boat and I'm stoked with it 
spending time penning rhymes getting by only cause 
I don't give fuck bout being broke it makes no difference  

to me what so ever if I'm hungry then I'll go get it
steal a couple loafs still I'm happy when there's no dinner 
got a couple things going on so the dope dealings
left up to the bros selling blow case the hoes sniff it

no critics saying shit I don't already no 
bitter old bitches open your mouth and put my whole dick in
no gimmicks only case I ain't bout the hoe shit and
even if nobody notice that you don't know shit

I see it cause it's openly obvious you don't really know how to make a..
nah got no time to focus on dumb shit 
cause I'm too busy working on my own shit
my old shit is old better get somewhere to go quick 

cause only prolific make it to the podium
and I'm trying to get to where the bro is and
no distance is enough to make a difference
when i get to going this is just another moment to hold better roll with it.
Track Name: What It Is


just another twenty four sitting on a spinning ball
somewhere in infinity until i hit a wall. ow
way too many thoughts, what i got the henny for.
really don't drink much anymore but i'm when i'm bored

or insecure i’m headed for the liquor store to get a cure
let it pour, get a 40 and forget it all
every thought, Rick and Morty forever more.
never fall off, never lose, never check the score

clever dork, should've got a medal for the metaphor
the best you never saw in any record store
they'll probably find me when i'm dead like the stegosaurus
but I been dead before i was ever born. so

what's the point of it all, if there was even one
i really don't believe in none of that ‘one day we become
the stars’ kinda shit. man i been too busy being young.
i been a cunt all of my life i never claimed to be a nun.

i got no time to the bumb, when i’m done i bet i come
back as one. and i bet. nobody will leave me one
crumb in the next life. trynna get my head right
before i turn a fiancé into an x-wife.

gotta squeeze her cheeks when she’s reaching for the bed light.
a little bit of head before i rest my head, nice.
that’s what i like, why i gotta lie? what am i
but another guy, i ain’t gotta try philosophise shit.

i just wanna write, i don’t wanna fight about what is right.
i ain’t got all night. gotta flight in the morn.
i’m bored. yaaawn. anybody got a light?
everybody got a right to say what they like, i know

so i’d like to say ‘i hope that you drop and die’
maybe then you’ll be happy that you got a life.
give a FOCk if you gotta lotta likes. what is life
when you’re not alive. why does every line gotta rhyme?

fuck this. how many drunk trust fund kids
does that it take before mature discussions
become some ruckus with mumbling fuckwits.
can we all just agree to disagree it just is what it is


Just another day as they say same state of mind
if I'm scraping by or getting paid
ain't chasing my dreams no more, just letting fate do his work
cause fuck all ever happens for the few who deserve to be heard 

still the world turns fuck the early bird and his worm
hope the seas eat the earth and first world
drowns in the money never shared case they never cared
cleared from the land that was never theirs

better get prepared or your death better yet better get a beer
chill why you thinking bout that shit I thought you never scared 
well I was lying can't deny the fear inside of me
driving me so I don't have to think about what might of been

I might as well find a pen and write again
but why is the horizon always moving no matter how hard I try and get a little closer
Just another thing I'll never know
until I make there or I'm comatose overdosed 

but who really cares sit at home blowing Os in the air
watch them disappear guess that's how it goes
no ones there in the end don't pretend that you didn't know 
focus on the present it's the one think that will never go

Henn & coke when I'm low I don't like to sip it straight 
till I'm typsy then I'm sniffing blow off of dinner plates
used to only think bout getting laid when it's getting late
now getting straight haven't slept in seven days

okay that's exaggerated but you get what I'm saying
trying to get my head on straight and pen upon the page 
before I loose em both to the black hole that is calling me
over being broke man I can't even afford to feed a beggar

but its whatever don't really give a shit
I don't know why I'm here man I don't why I exist
and I don't know why i thought about it since I was a kid
but I don't want to analyse no more it just is what is what is
Track Name: Long Snooze


new day looking for a new challenge
in my old new balance balancing my 2 talents
that's (1)rap and (2)drink. but i don't do Stellas
rude mannered, impossible to manage

made a man in a neighbourhood of Bruce Banners
i seen dudes use spanners to do damage
beat till they’re looking like beetroot relish
real life Good Fellas, too much Menace (II Society)

if Hell Is Below everybody gotta go. gotta know that
even if you gotta lotta doe. you ain't owed jack
but tax and death, that’s definite
nothing more for you do except accepting it

it’s all just a joke, young, gifted and broke
making income from some dumb shit that i wrote
my mum said it was dope and some regular folk
gave me coke for it, so i give a shit if you don’t

like it. i don’t even like it. don’t mind if you don’t buy it,
download it and then delete it, i won’t riot
if you don’t cosign it. i know i’m no Ironman
and if i had the doe to get Ghost(face) to ghost write it

then i would’ve but i didn’t i just did it like i did it
i’ll admit it i was sitting on the shitter when i writ it
fuck a critic in his over analytical ass
give a crap what your mum considers me as.

cynical as fuck. fuck the political raps
all you really wanna hear about is titties and ass
put a pretty chick on the cover and triple the ca$h
i can’t tell, is it fashion or is it just trash?

they try to say that we’re a little bit a jazz.
a little Shabaaz (palaces). fuck these hipster mags
i guess i gotta be a little be mad
or is it just a flash back to a trip that i had.

you gotta wonder, what kind of spell i’m under
way back when I was younger used to idolise a plumber
on shrooms. brain fuelled by the bong fumes
long gone, spending all my bond on booze

with ensembles of fools who want rules
i think therefore i am confused
humanity concludes. hilarity ensues
and i put my PJs on for the long snooze ….


It's a new day grab the toothpaste and brush scrub
while i ponder up a new way to do things
rut, stuck in it nah
just stumbling my way through day to day trying get on the up 

cause fuck it been broke and seen feigns doped out in my lounge
watching crack smoke go round like clouds
it's out of it but just the tip the iceberg
a couple clean from kind words they never heard

you never know if you don't roll the dice twice 
sitting at home trying to write while my life flys
can't even tell where the last 5 years went
tears sweat and blood i spill it on my beer breath

could care less how long a piece of strong is
from here to the end if I got a song I'll sing it
simple as that there's no strings attached
to the passion I have for making the words match

so you ain't got to dig it cool, find something you do
don’t give a shit man you can listen to tool 
doesn't matter honestly I'd rather listen to blues
Then listen to these dudes talk about the shit that they do
but really don't 

like henny or coke I can afford it
but the $3 bottles of red keep me in order
can't ignore them when I walk in the store and they on the shelf
grab a couple for locals and a couple for myself

we all living in hell some see the parallels some don't 
some need some weed to sell and some to smoke
bottom line it doesn't matter when your times up
you could be rich or at the back of the line for free bread and soup

same fate guess we in the same shoes
same day different view same river different canoe
still I don’t really get it I'm just trying make do
just put my Ie faitaga on for the long snooze