Jealous (feat Jane Deezy)

from by Average Rap Band

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it's a motherfucker.


VERSE 1++++

fuck him.
i know you wanna fuck him
no. i ain’t jealous of him
but if i see him touch you i might touch him.

no i don’t like him
no i don’t trust him, cause i’m just like him.
i know what men like.
that’s why i, only trust the type that like men.

no i don’t believe him.
wanna know the reason. because i used to be him.
used to be creeping all up in your dms.
behind his back like when you gonna leave him?

so. no i don’t trust him.
but i ain’t gonna judge him.
cause just a couple years ago i was him.
didn’t give a fuck then. but i do now so


i get jealous. sometimes
when you talking to my friends. sometimes

i get jealous. sometimes.
when you out with your girls. sometimes

i get jealous. sometimes.
even donny hathaway and john lennon got jealous.

sometimes. that’s why.
i just wanna make you jealous.

make you jealous. sometimes.
you might see me on my instagram
and you get jealous. sometimes.
i tell you that i’m just a man.
and you get jealous. sometimes.
i just wanna make you mad.
cause i’m jealous sometimes. sometimes i just get jealous.

VERSE 2 +++

fuck her.
you seem to wanna fuck her.
and no i don’t trust her
cause i don’t trust you lying motherfucer.

look at me.

i used to be the old her.
i’ve heard everything you probably would of told her. (already)
remember what you told your old bird.
about me. i don’t even know her.

oh really?

ok. well let me call her.
you call your lawyer.
somebody call an ambulance for the bitch
better yet call the coroner.

god bless

now let’s get a deeper.
can’t change the spots on a cheater.
i know that’s the way that jealousy works.
i guess i get what i deserve.


i get jealous. sometimes
when i see her on your instagram.

i get jealous. sometimes.
even when i’m with your man

and he gets jealous of us.
oh i never told you that

that make you jealous? my love?
yeah. i just wanna make you jealous.

make you jealous. sometimes.
some people gotta learn the hard way.
you get jealous. sometimes.
oh you thought i can’t play too.
you jealous. alright?
ok. i made you mad.
don’t be jealous. understand a relationship needs balance. why you jealous?

VERSE 3------

i said. ahhh huh what’s up with this jealousy it keeps fucking
with me. thinking the people i grew up with want to fuck with the woman i’m in love with.
just cause i can’t be trusted anyone else got to be a suspect.
really don’t wanna be so begrudging but it’s just the way that i function.

since i busted my ex chick fucking my so called homie i ain’t felt nothing
i ain’t felt nothing untill i woke up in your bed. fucked it up and feel in love again.
i must’ve bin dusted or something. i know that love is for sensitive suckers,
dumb motherfuckers and rose petal pluckers. i know all about the way that the bee buzzes.

but it’s hard when u get stung or u get hung up on what ya x done.
gotta let some of that go gotta get up, get out, get some. cause you're only ever getting old, never getting young.
no time to regret none. call it YODO . 'you only dead once'.
you could either get jealous, or get drunk. get up or get upset about something that somebody said

SOMETIMES, i get low, so, sometimes, i get stoned
every now and then sometimes, i get so high that i start tripping out like a skitzo.
but i know it’s o.k. cause the shit’s not real. even though it might feel like it is though.
that’s when i just gotta just sip slow let it all just process on the trip home.

let the bull shit go. really don’t wanna be jealous, but sometimes i just wanna be the baddest.
even tho i know that that is not what even matters in the long run. all i really need is a challenge.
but i get jealous, even of david dallas, even of lucky lance even though i’ll never tell him.
i even get jealous of dudes with no talent, cause i still don’t know how to sell it

if i had some. damn son. i’m my dad’s son and i’m broke and i’m bout to have one.
and i’m mad cause, all these assholes, they're all rich like richard branson.
but they're raps are fucking average, like my bands name and thats sad bruv.
because brats like that got bashed up back in my day but what am i’m saying man i’m just JEALOUS.


from El Sol, released March 13, 2016
Produced by: Mack Winters
Switch up produced by: Christoph El Truento
Mixed by: Christoph El Truento
Written by: Tom Scott & Lui Tuiasau
Performed by: Tom Scott & Beth Ruzibiza



all rights reserved


Average Rap Band Melbourne, Australia

From the derelict coffee shop waste land of Smith Street, Melbourne come two dyslexic track pant enthusiasts with nothing else going for them but a talent to make pointless words rhyme in succession and a knack for petty theft.

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