El Sol

by Average Rap Band

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released March 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Average Rap Band Melbourne, Australia

From the derelict coffee shop waste land of Smith Street, Melbourne come two dyslexic track pant enthusiasts with nothing else going for them but a talent to make pointless words rhyme in succession and a knack for petty theft.

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Track Name: Intro (42 Degrees)
la la la.
Track Name: El Sol
HOOK +++

everybody lying out in the THE SUN
all my tears are drying out in the THE SUN
the food up on my plate it came from THE SUN
the mood i’m in today it came from THE SUN

darkness melting in THE SUN.
everybody out riding round in the SUN
ain’t nothing to cry about when you're in the SUN.

VERSE 1 +++

it’s funny how whenever the sun is out
i somehow, forget all about the bullshit that i was bumbing out about
back on monday when i was coming down.
shit. almost hung my self but somehow brung myself up

gotta be something bout the way the sun vibrates
that effects my mind state, and yes i’m high AF
fuck it’s friday and i got my happy shoes on
but that ain’t the grass that's the star that it grew from

and the rain that came from the rock that it flew on
to get here. it’s easy to forget we’re just new on
this planet. Us humans ain’t bin around for too long
the sun though? it’s bin around for minute now. when you move on

it’ll still be spinning , like this rock that you on.
the sun, how many laps you bin around since you were born?
let’s celebrate that day. blow the candles off the cake.
before mother nature blows the bugs off her face. the sun.

VERSE 2 +++
The night killer. Life beginner. All praise due to the divine light giver
Known by many names throughout the ages the son of god, light of the world, the saviour

But long before any of this it was adorned through carvings, writings, paintings on the wall from Greece India, Persia to Nepal, China, Assyria, Japan the list goes on

For the night time was a blind predator filled darkness without heat or light crops would die before harvest
The saviour that kept the people from starving personified by man this is where it started

Like folk songs sung to preserve a tradition these stories were told carrying ancient wisdom
Thousands of years before the one they called christ the same story is told through the zodiac signs

And hundreds of other places scattered around the globe yet none of these other stories ever get told
Blame rome, blame our need for control, blame the greedy, blame the book, blame the vultures who prey upon the needy

Blame anyone who ever killed in the name of God for the one true creator has no interest in war
The night killer. Life beginner.
All praise due to the divine light giver. The Sun.

The Sun
ball of cancer and light
gold tooth smile
in a cloudless ocean

The sun
washing the night
into gutters
those with fortunes and the less fortunate
frolic together beneath

The Sun
I am hell bound jesus
walking barefoot over melted ashfelt
hands out
towards the

The Sun
traveling light years
to be right here
with me
dripping space nectar
forgetting desperate
winters now

The Sun
gracing us with its magnanimous presence
working parent
with night shift blues
cleaning windows in celestial heavens

The Sun

essence of life
gold tooth smile
in a cloudless sky
Track Name: Fly Casual
VERSE 1+++

yeah my submarine is yellow.
and my wallabies are camel.
rock that grey and black 5 panel.
i call that shit fly casual

never see me in no camo.
because i am not a commando
but might see me in my jandals.
with that 5 dollar blue flannel.

we ain’t trapping out of no bando.
we just tapping on the piano.
and we far from international
we just underground like the fraggles.

and i don’t fuck around with no battle
if you wanna scrap then we can do that tho.
i don’t know what got you so agro.
why you gotta act like a fucking asshole? rggh.

OK *** chill out bruv it’s OK ***
calm down. it’s ok. all right now. sit down it’s OK

VERSE 2+++

yeah my rap band is average.
and my pad ain’t no palace.
i got holes all in my asics (or) (in my new balance)
i call that aerodynamic.

and i’m high like lamar odom.
blame it on the kardashians
got a bottle under my jacket.
milk crates under my mattress.

and i’m high like michael jackson.
till i o.d like my balance.
tell the DJ at my funeral
better play blackberry molasses

and i don’t fuck around with no rappers.
always talking bout who’s the badest
why you got to be so passive
aggressive. got this is all backwards. but all right.

OK *** we get it bruv. it’s OK***
your mixtape is hot flames. yeah. whatever you say.

VERSE 3+++

i don’t give a fuck about a motherfucking sound cloud.
i don’t wanna sound like anyone that’s out now.
everyone around town imitating our sound.
fuck your hit hat, hit me with a cow bell.

shut your mouth for i hit you with the round house.
fuck all of the promo shit, put it out now.
no one wanna hear about a two month count down.
shit got me bout to have a motherfucking melt down.

i don’t give a fuck about a god damn hype beast.
i ain’t camping out in any line for some nikes.
fuck your air max 90s. bite me.
i don’t give a shit if you don’t like me.

i don’t even like like me. fuck me. fuck u. fight me.
bruv, you’re a grown ass man in white jeans.
why you gotta be all high and mighty?
bout to get you hit over the head with a heiny.

OK*** oh what now? you OK? ***
your white jeans are all stained. ohhh sorry bout that mate.
Track Name: Pool Side
VERSE 1+++

i wake with the morning snake quarter to 8
my girl starts late so we fornicate for the sake
break the fast with a glass full of H.
2 0s in it to hydrate my mind state

then i take my seat and i wait for my break
while my girl’s waiting tables with 40 orders to take.
i’m on the 40th take. EP’s a week late
and 3 days away from release date.

stress on my chest. life is a mess.
kinda like my desk. might be depressed.
might be the best bet to accept that might never get
any better death gonna definitely get you

down if you let it. but forget it’s in inevitable.
gotta get it how you get it gotta be logical
with it. cut the bullshit take a breathe.
i still got a couple breaths left.

but i can’t breathe. cause i can’t conceive.
being R.I.Ped on your I.G feed.
now i can’t sleep can’t keep calm, keep on
hearing that fucking chia song la freak. (FREAK OUT)

got dreams of palm trees in the mapdieves.
then i wake up passed out in the parsley
heart beat sounding like a trance beat. dance feet
don’t wanna make another home brew last week

but the last week been a hard one
last years been a harsh one. could’ve been my last one
but it’s sunny today
and plus i got a son on the way. so hey

i could either blow my brain out like cobaine
or i could blow the pain out like coltraine.
it ain’t nothing really though, same old day
ok. but if i had it all my own way. then i’d be sitting pool side.


pool side.
deck chair.
blue sky.
fresh air.

then i wake up in my

on a wednesday.
rents due.
trynna get paid.

VERSE 2+++

No time to stare at the ceiling
Running late on my second day
Getting paid washing dinner plates
Down time seems so appealing
12 hour shifts with an hour off
Lived my whole life without a boss

And now its yes sir no sir three bags full
Move that there heat that up keep that cool
Go get a bucket of bleech and wash that wall
Get right up under the sink get down on all fours if you need to

Man this aint no place for me
6ft samoan 105kg
trying to squeeze my arse under the bench to clear the drain before i hear the head chef yelling my name like

Why the fuck aint this plate clean,
Bruv i washed about 100 in the last 15 and plus im under here trying to get this fixed
Man tell that other mafucka go and do that shit, shit.

Nah let me get that boss man rewashed the plate burn my hand on a hot pan damn
Hands cramping up cant hold the scrubber
Should of wore the gloves cant pull the fucking plug up

No wonder all these dudes chain smoking shit I'd do the same but i hate smoking but i can relate cant wait for my break lock myself in my room spend a day floating cause

This shit'll make a sane man crazy
Diving throug the waves in my day dreams daily
But then i sbap back to the kitchen
Knee deep in dishes wishing i was somewhere sitting poolside

and it's bin a long day.
working 8 days a week.
all i wanna do is break down give up and die
maybe then i'll get some sleep

i wanna be poolside.
this ain't no place for me.
but i gotta get some money
cause i'm so YGB.
Track Name: Purple Mink Suit Rap. (feat Wes + Dirty)

I reach heights like satellites spaced like Pluto, still pushin weight like a Japanese sumo
Honda accord Euro,transport the pseudo,we everywhere outchea,fuck where ya crew go,we número uno,if you ask me,top mc's in NZ,ARB,and I'm W To the Es from BDs,designing fly rhymes is the easiest,my click too live two guns up in the sky storm the beehive put a bullet between John ke ys eyes,trust me,most of u rap cats disgust me,while Ya girls drink coffee and discuss me,I'm in the kitchen mixin ,so i proceed to sippin,nibbling karage chicken listening to it was written,gotta fresh Nas fade cut yesterday,Parked side Ways in the liquor store driveway,nobody can dictate,what i embrace,so get yA shit straight dick face,suede wallabee creams and carharrtt jeans riding round in Europeans legendary human beings,and we always gonna be them rebels,over turn every stone and pebble,till I reach a higher level,but till I'm old and grey or in a grave My heart it remain in central in all day ayyye


synth smooth. move like a pimp move.
purple mink suit rap. groove like a prince tune
simple spit bout shit that i’m in to.
influenced by bullshit that i bin through.

simple dude who’s interests include.
.ancient hindu. poetry and pingu.
sipping brew, picking shrooms, chicken vindaloo.
anything on ninja tune and whatever you’re not in to.

i’m what the handicap kid did in the pool.
i’m the shit. tell the principal. invincible.
when i’m in the mood. on the gin juice. like snoop.
in the booth spitting like i’m out the limo roof.

living proof. there’s no god. a grown broke ass
with no dosh. washed. watching ghost dog.
home alone, in the zone, with my phone off.
and my headphones on, stoned like the stones was.

i’m funkier than a mosquito tweet. mm
funkier than philipino feet.
i’m. incognito you could never Nemo me.
i keep low key. you need me. then bebo me.

lyrically you got ain’t nothing on me homie.
you ain’t gangster bruv. you an emoji.
smiley face mafucka drinking pinot gris
and your chick look like Cee Lo green.


Plus I heard she keen on e
Shawty up for days let her sleep on me
So what you on about bucks you get zero g
I See no e-vil but I be so seen

Dirty potty mouth Sgood baby GLC
Friends sayin he al g well BRB
Eat Amanda out thats mandrin for ni hao mi (Yummy)

Yeah Gotta say peace to the alba tros
Use to break z's down to g's just to count em off
Use to take cheese. Now I say cheese
And if she snap me in the spot she get the graming on

Get the hammer in the box wit no gram involved
pussy pandemonium me an Santa hoes
Gimmie 3 n see em antidote
Later on about the dick game and the smoke

Rick james addict nose
Not Sustain status quo
I'm Tryna 5th base thata hoe
Quick break Tap n go

The tip had To double Jimi wrap for collateral
Ya bitch mad Cuzz I'm cozy rocking all her favrite animals
She get the family jewels not the valuables
dinner plate the pussy with the cutlery
Front Slum Dunk the dunkaroo in her dungarees

No time for fuckery keep it buttery
Butter me a loaf of bread with a cup of tea
Fob styles fuck your bubbles and your buggery
Brotherly bond no skull duggery

Fuck police dogs and they pig owners
Louie vuiton and the rich shoulder that shit sits over
Dont need a bitch pull my chick closer
Dance to disco at home sniff coca and disrobe her

Under the strobe while the band play
Gimmie the cash fuck a handshake
I aint the champ but your man aint
He get pancaked from the jab straight aint no jam crepe

Okay pull the hand break up need to chill the fuck out before that band break up
Still sipping liqour till i cant stand straight up
The bouncer in the club like aye, tell your man wake up

back to it Cadillac music
Act stupid Yak cheap congac to it
Bar hard enouge to tattoo it
Bamboozled in a black buwick with a fat doobie

And i ain't passing jack to you bruv im Cam Newton
Bang the beat black and blue like a cuban on a conga
Put hands on your man like honda
Your bitch look like Madonna
Track Name: Pizza Man

i know you’re just the pizza man.
but i just want my pizza man. god damn.
peace on earth would be really nice.
but i just wanna pizza slice. jesus

i been waiting like an hour now.
by the time you’re here i’ll probably have my album out.
god damn.
waiting for the pizza man.


and while i got you mr pizza man.
somebody need fix the ceiling fan.
it’s hot as fuck here. i need some ice.
plus i seen some mice by the spice rack jesus

pizza man i need advice.
what am i doing with my life.
is this the man i really am?
watch you mean you just the pizza man.

look. i’m just a pizza man.
i don’t wanna fight i’m a peaceful man.
sound like your life’s in some kind of rut.
but i don’t worry bout that kind of stuff.

pizza’s hot / pizza’s cold.
don’t let the pizza eat the soul it's a fucking pizza bro.
now look man i need a tip.
you think i like all of this pizza shit? I’m just a piece of shit pizza man.
Track Name: Jealous (feat Jane Deezy)
VERSE 1++++

fuck him.
i know you wanna fuck him
no. i ain’t jealous of him
but if i see him touch you i might touch him.

no i don’t like him
no i don’t trust him, cause i’m just like him.
i know what men like.
that’s why i, only trust the type that like men.

no i don’t believe him.
wanna know the reason. because i used to be him.
used to be creeping all up in your dms.
behind his back like when you gonna leave him?

so. no i don’t trust him.
but i ain’t gonna judge him.
cause just a couple years ago i was him.
didn’t give a fuck then. but i do now so


i get jealous. sometimes
when you talking to my friends. sometimes

i get jealous. sometimes.
when you out with your girls. sometimes

i get jealous. sometimes.
even donny hathaway and john lennon got jealous.

sometimes. that’s why.
i just wanna make you jealous.

make you jealous. sometimes.
you might see me on my instagram
and you get jealous. sometimes.
i tell you that i’m just a man.
and you get jealous. sometimes.
i just wanna make you mad.
cause i’m jealous sometimes. sometimes i just get jealous.

VERSE 2 +++

fuck her.
you seem to wanna fuck her.
and no i don’t trust her
cause i don’t trust you lying motherfucer.

look at me.

i used to be the old her.
i’ve heard everything you probably would of told her. (already)
remember what you told your old bird.
about me. i don’t even know her.

oh really?

ok. well let me call her.
you call your lawyer.
somebody call an ambulance for the bitch
better yet call the coroner.

god bless

now let’s get a deeper.
can’t change the spots on a cheater.
i know that’s the way that jealousy works.
i guess i get what i deserve.


i get jealous. sometimes
when i see her on your instagram.

i get jealous. sometimes.
even when i’m with your man

and he gets jealous of us.
oh i never told you that

that make you jealous? my love?
yeah. i just wanna make you jealous.

make you jealous. sometimes.
some people gotta learn the hard way.
you get jealous. sometimes.
oh you thought i can’t play too.
you jealous. alright?
ok. i made you mad.
don’t be jealous. understand a relationship needs balance. why you jealous?

VERSE 3------

i said. ahhh huh what’s up with this jealousy it keeps fucking
with me. thinking the people i grew up with want to fuck with the woman i’m in love with.
just cause i can’t be trusted anyone else got to be a suspect.
really don’t wanna be so begrudging but it’s just the way that i function.

since i busted my ex chick fucking my so called homie i ain’t felt nothing
i ain’t felt nothing untill i woke up in your bed. fucked it up and feel in love again.
i must’ve bin dusted or something. i know that love is for sensitive suckers,
dumb motherfuckers and rose petal pluckers. i know all about the way that the bee buzzes.

but it’s hard when u get stung or u get hung up on what ya x done.
gotta let some of that go gotta get up, get out, get some. cause you're only ever getting old, never getting young.
no time to regret none. call it YODO . 'you only dead once'.
you could either get jealous, or get drunk. get up or get upset about something that somebody said

SOMETIMES, i get low, so, sometimes, i get stoned
every now and then sometimes, i get so high that i start tripping out like a skitzo.
but i know it’s o.k. cause the shit’s not real. even though it might feel like it is though.
that’s when i just gotta just sip slow let it all just process on the trip home.

let the bull shit go. really don’t wanna be jealous, but sometimes i just wanna be the baddest.
even tho i know that that is not what even matters in the long run. all i really need is a challenge.
but i get jealous, even of david dallas, even of lucky lance even though i’ll never tell him.
i even get jealous of dudes with no talent, cause i still don’t know how to sell it

if i had some. damn son. i’m my dad’s son and i’m broke and i’m bout to have one.
and i’m mad cause, all these assholes, they're all rich like richard branson.
but they're raps are fucking average, like my bands name and thats sad bruv.
because brats like that got bashed up back in my day but what am i’m saying man i’m just JEALOUS.
Track Name: What Am I Doing With My Life?
VERSE 1 (Lui)

dude on the door don’t believe i’m the dude from the group on the poster.
got dropped off outside of the club in the promoter’s pulsar.
told me to go to the back and stand in a line by the wall
every time we perform here, he’s on the door here. and he wants to be the law.

bar tender won’t look my way. hey hey, can i get a gin and OJ?
ok. sweet then be that way. i’ll wait. fuck it. we’re already late
supposed to be on at 12 but he wanna sell more alks
so we gotta wait around all god damn night like we’re in the cells.

and the sound man is an arsehole. and the back stage is the kitchen.
and we’re sitting on the refrigerator that they keep all the chips in.
thought it was gonna be sweet to make a living as a musician.
serves my dumb as right for having ambition…. mic check.

VERSE 1 (Tom)

dude in the front rows yawning while we’re performing.
2 dudes next to him talking, another 2 brawling.
young hoe in the front row, watched the whole show on her cell phone.
drunk bro looking unco doing that dumb dance with his elbows.

nobody really cares there here for the main act. most of them hate rap.
i give em that 'thank you you been great' crap cause i get paid to say that.
then i pack up and i roll, jump in a cab, back to the hotel.
cause there ain’t nowhere to go, in this whole shit hole town.

lie on my bed watching darts. (ckkgg) something bout sharks.
open the curtain and look at the car park..this is the arse hole of the world.
i hear the whole of the world laugh, while i stand in the bath.
trynna make a living making my art. sometimes i gotta ask...



VERSE 2 (Tom)

we just got 200 buck for the show.
we just did 200 buck worth of blow.
all of my doe just went out the window. then i woke up in a old
hotel and they telling me now that i owe them a lotta doe. i said i don’t know

who put the hole in the wall / what do i owe u for all of the blow that we bought?
no i'm not going to court. it's only a fork. i never broke any law.
if anyone asks / nobody talk / tell em you don’t even know me at all
woke up in all of my clothes on the floor / this the first show of tour.

man i gotta get a life /what the fuck am i doing here getting high every night like i'm 25 acting like i won't never die.
i'm getting older than mega drive.
and you probably won't even get that line.
probably never even heard of 'Never Mind' but never mind.

VERSE 2 (Lui)
Life's a bitch then you die.
But life's the shit when you're high. Really high.
So I live mine in the clouds feel like I never come down.
Till I wake up on the couch, like a dead dog with his tongue out.

Somehow thought it was a bright idea.
Now I feel like I could die right here.
I don't wanna talk.
Incase somebody might hear

how I feel when I'm this low.
Trynna climb out this hole I've been digging
I been thinking that I might let go.
But I don't.

And time goes on and now I'm fine.
Spent 3 days in the dark. No lie. I don't why.
I don't why it's every weekend. Stead of the life I could be leading
if I just leave this shit behind and spend more time refining my lines

instead of doing them but same old same old
in the bathroom of some shit hole club
with a bunch of people I don't even know
and I don't even know what they put in this shit.


Track Name: El Eh

sitting on an airplane.

going to LA.

cause there ain't nothing more to do here

but cocaine. (it’s just the same old shit i did yesterday)


i’m flying.

flying out this ground hog day.

my soul is dying.

got to get to san jose.


and when i get there,

i don’t know what i’ll do.

i just wanna be there.

anywhere but this room.


and i don’t really care

if my dreams come true.

i ain’t got dream here.

so i might as well go lose in LA.




i just got the email

from the united states

say i can’t get no visa.

that’s what they say. all for some dumb shit i did back in the day.


i’m trying

trying not to kill my day.

but my soul is dying.

guess i’ll never see L.A (but who needs a dream anyway)


i’m all right here.

i know what i’ll do.

i’ll give up and die here.

and i’ll just lie here in my room.


i mean why should i care any more

about what the fuck i do?

i ain’t got no life here and i sure don’t

got nothing to prove. in LA.
Track Name: Entertainment (feat Kody Neilson)
VERSE 2+++

a life time dedicated to entertainment.
cause i never did look good in an apron.
never made it. but i really never made it
to make it. only wanted to make a statement.

hoping that somebody out there related.
never gave a shit if radio played it.
i made it for the same kids that were raised in
the same kind of neighbourhood i was made in.

i paint this picture to explain the pain of
my neighbours on the minimum wage with
8 kids on the grave shift. cause i came in
the same kind of plane they came in.

i raised by a bassist.
who played on the same stages as the wailers.
and a lot of other famous entertainers
plus all the nameless so called failures.


who never got no praises for the greatness.
never on the front pages on the papers
just on the back same name in ingraved
on the grave. mean i'm back stage pacing.

man i don’t wanna be the greatest
i don’t wanna be no kelly slater.
i don’t wanna.i don’t wanna be no sammie davis.
i don’t wanna be an entertainer.

some of my favourite artists are waiters
fuck being famous.
my favourite rapper got shot in las vegas.
in chuck tailors

and i been hated, celebrated, humiliated
mistranslated. castrated
on the main stage and my mum had to watch.
all for your entertainment. mm.
Track Name: El Sol Reprise
The Sun

ball of cancer and light

chipped tooth smile

in a winters ocean

The Sun

burning down to the filter

between the yellow fingers of the city

The Sun

a two dollar coin

falling from heaven

rolling through mean street gutters


The Sun

fading like a memory

of a drunken kiss

as night floods the sky

and the streets scream alive

The Sun

Dressed in rags and bad luck

talking of former glory

after one two many beers

The Sun

Jilted lover flashing

a gold tooth smile

in a cloudless sky.